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When it comes to processing large business payments, time and commission can cost you. 

That’s why our process has been designed to be simple, streamlined and save you money through market leading rates. Plus you get the assurance and accountability of transacting with a fully regulated payment provider.


Want to avoid bank retail rates? Arrange your personal transfers through AxiForex. 

We offer preferential rates and can assist with a wide array of transactions – from simple transfers to foreign property purchases to emigration and repatriation of funds – to more than 200 countries and in more than 30 currencies. And all personal transactions come with the backing of full regulation and exceptional service.

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FX Products

With our full suite of Forex products and services, AxiForex offers complete coverage for all your FX transaction requirements.


Whether it’s a one off transaction or a payment to multiple beneficiaries, AxiForex makes your transfers easy. Choose between a world leading online payment platform for self service or work directly with a designated personal Foreign Exchange dealer. Transactions take seconds to complete and you’ll receive instant trade confirmations.

Forward Contracts

For a simple and effective way to secure your business margin and protect your monthly FX exposure, AxiForex lets you lock in Forward Contracts at a known exchange rate. Obtaining a rate can be done through our online platform or personal dealer so that you can easily pre-deliver or extend cover to meet your changing requirements.

Market Watch Orders

Using a Market Order makes it easy to manage your FX risk. Simply place an order with your dealer specifying the rate you require and we’ll notify you when the nominated rate is close or has reached the requested level.

Currency Options

When it comes to Options, our hedging specialists are experts at finding solutions that work to protect your downside while giving you access to favourable market moves. Talk to us directly to tailor a solution that fits your individual requirements.


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